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Cloud + Reno + Zack = CRACK

Good Crack Should Not Be Hard to Find

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The invention of "Cloud + Reno + Zack = CRACK" is entirely cosmotwitch's. She is the genius.

wickedorin only takes responsibility for ruining ketchup for everyone.

That out of the way, this is a Cloud+Reno+Zack community. In case you didn't catch the meaning the first or second time around.

I think I'll go ahead and give a basic posting format for stories/drabbles/what have you so that we all know where to start:

Title: You would... put your title here.
Rating/Warnings: Whatever works for you; movie ratings, game ratings... general warnings about the use of food...
Summary/Everything Else: Er, uh... everything else.
LJ Cut or Link: This is where the good stuff goes!