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Wii! Postage!

A.k.a the other 10 that didn't make it here before-

Reno would have loved to say something deep and really meaningful, but when it all came down to the moment, it was just a quick fuck in some cheap hotel room.

Clothes thrown across the floor. Awkward limbs tangled over each other on the too small bed. The smack of skin on skin and tiny gasps were echoed through the room. Increased in tempo and rhythm until they became desperate for release.

Minutes later, he looked at the two sleeping teens on either side of him. ‘It meant nothing eh?’ His conscience prodded him ‘You keep telling yourself that…’

Yeah, Zack didn’t mind throwing some poker games if this was the result.

Timid at first, Cloud gradually became bolder in his actions as the night progressed. Slowly guiding himself into his best friend, it was only after being reassured (with a chuckle from behind on Reno’s end) that he wouldn’t hurt Zack whatsoever, he grew more aggressive, thrusting in and out with an energetic speed. Not to be outdone, Reno was matching Cloud in rhythm from behind the blond, although letting the youth set the pace.

Betting on who would top who was definitely one he didn’t mind losing.

Whenever he walked into the room, his friends shook their heads. Reno would feel his smile turn extremely smug.
Yes his neck was as red as hell, but that was only a testament of how much Zack loved to bite and suck when he came hard into Reno.
Sure his shirt was missing a few buttons, but that was a reminder of when Cloud was overly eager and nearly pounced on him before tearing off his clothes.
Ok, so his hair was a bit disheveled, but did his coworkers get quickies before work early in the morning?

Didn’t think so.

“We should go now…anyone could walk in on us”

Zack, beads of perspiration running down his forehead and still half hard inside of Cloud, grinned. “It’s 1 am, who would be crazy enough…well, except for us, to be walking around. In the middle of winter no less?”

On cue the door to the training center flung open and a snow-covered redhead barreled through. “Man, you guys wouldn’t believe how much snow I had to walk through…”Trailing off as he turned and took in the sight before him, he heaved a dramatic sigh.
“Started without me? Way to leave a guy hanging…”

He was completely shameless, head thrown back in abandon, and completely stripped of his clothes. His left hand curled around his cock and his right traveling even further, probing fingers hitting the right spot. Moans followed gasps, as jerky thrusts into his palm became more erratic. Arching up, he let out a cry and fell back onto the bed. It was only after a groan did he hear something. Opening his eyes, he saw Reno and Zack in the doorway, watching with that look in their eyes. Letting his head fall back, Cloud couldn’t find it in him to blush.

He only meant for it to be a one-time thing, get a quickie and then get out. What Reno didn’t expect was to keep going back, to them both for that matter. Sweet and addictive like candy. Maybe that was why, even though there were hundreds others, when he found his favorites, he couldn’t get enough. They all fit so goddamn right the first time, he couldn’t resist the bare bodies curled up to him the next time, lowered lids that would look at him with that desire but something else. Something asking him to come back. So he did.

If it was one thing they learned, it was that Cloud was filled with too much pride to ask for anything. Be it help or gifts, not even realizing that his lovers wanted to give him these things. Then again, kneeling in front of Reno, mouth open and eyes squeezed closed, the raven-haired teen behind him, calloused hand slowly stroking Cloud, teasing the boy’s entrance with his own cock. When he was like this though, moaning and managing to choke out ‘Zack Please!’ in-between lowering his head to Reno again, the older teen was all too happy to give in.

Grumbling, Cloud rubbed his hands together and cursed himself for not bringing a scarf tonight. Puffs of breath were let out into the winter air. So caught up in his own irritable thoughts, he didn’t hear the whoosh of air as he was tackled by an exuberant redhead. Right behind him was Zack as they all tumbled into a snow pile. “Hey spike, figured you might want company tonight” “So…you need to be…’warmed up’ eh?” A leer “Reno that was la-aw fuck” “Hey you like my come ons’”
Suddenly Cloud was glad he was posted alone for guard duty tonight.

Really it wasn’t completely their fault that they managed to tease Cloud to the edge of desire and nearly off the cliff. Really it wasn’t. He had this near flawless skin that just begged too be touched, pleaded to have their hands over it and called out to have their tongues slowly trace patterns over and over. For a private, or anyone in Shinra’s military for that matter, he should’ve had at least a few scars. Not covered like Zack, or faded like Reno, but it was a rarity, and the two were fascinated every time they could touch him.

Breath Replacing Tingle
It was strange, how they got used to Zacks eyes during sex. It was weird for the room to be completely black, but that was when they knew the blindfold was doings it’s job. Relying on sense of touch, there was awkward clumsiness before they all came together in a jumble of limbs and sweat and moans. Hands that explored familiar territory while hesitant kisses were made with an overwhelming sense of just touching and feeling their way wherever. A sharp intake of breath made as a mouth traveled lower, not touching, but just breathing a trail lower and lower.

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