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Whoo! 4th post! *is proud >D*

First 5 Crack drabbles for centi_porn!

Title(s): Blossom,Tongue,Chocolate,Melt,Hand.
Summary/Everything Else: If I even tried to write a summary for these, it would be longer than the drabbles.
Words: 500
LJ Cut or Link:


Cloud found himself being pushed on his bed by Reno while being pulled down by Zack behind him. “Damn Spike, you’ve grown a lot since I met you.”

Suddenly facing and straddling Zack, Reno all but tore off his shirt and started to unbutton his pants from behind. “Yeah, ‘least you don’t look like such a pansy any more” Successfully pulling the clothing from Cloud’s body he continued. “Fuck, I’ve been waiting two years for this”

Cloud gave a gasp as Reno took a hold of his length, while Zack pulled him gently in for a kiss, “Happy 16th Cloud”

All thoughts of relaxation flew from Cloud’s mind as soon as he opened the door to his shared apartment. He had no time to wonder at the darkness when gentle hands snaked across his waist from behind. A chuckle and gust of warmth breath on his neck told him it was Zack. “We got a new present today for you Spike”.

From nowhere Reno appeared, smirk on his face. He knelt and slid down the cadets’ pants.

“What? But this isn’t ne-” The rest was a strangled moan as he heard Reno’s voice from below

“Tongue stud, you like it?”

Zack didn’t mean to pounce on the poor boy, but the sight of Cloud licking ice cream off the spoon was just too tempting. Straddling the almost naked teen, he reached inside the bedside table but pulled out with nothing.

They hadn’t used the entire bottle already had they?

As if reading the elders mind, Reno came sauntering in, wicked gleam in his eye. Holding the melted tub of chocolate ice cream in one hand while he walked over to the two on the bed, he was thankful for easily washable sheets.

Mess be damned, he was getting action tonight.

Cloud in his life had never felt as much of a voyeur until this moment,though two sets were staring right back at him.
Instructed to sit still and enjoy his own private show, he fought hard not to let his hand wander.

Eyes traveled to Zack’s arched back as Reno made a trail of open kisses down the others chest, ice cube between his teeth.
As the melting ice finally made it’s path to the desired erection, a hoarse cry was heard and Cloud couldn’t help but appreciate the hot summer days at their blazing apartment a bit more.


One month and counting.

Reno stared at the cracked ceiling of his apartment. Just him and his lonely hand for the past month.

Settling down onto his couch, he held in his mind when the other two returned form their mission. Cloud would be sucking him off and making that sound that Reno loved so damn much. Zack would be behind the little blond; sliding into him with that husky groan, eyes half closed as he did every time.

Thinking back to when someone asked why he didn’t just get a random whore, he cursed in the present.

Damned conscience.


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