Orin Drake (wickedorin) wrote in uber_crack,
Orin Drake

And Another One...

Title: In Defense of Crack
Rating/Warnings: Somewhat mature. Name-calling, fist-fighting. No smut, though. *sigh*
Summary/Everything Else: Short and sweet and my twisted version of romance.

"In Defense of Crack" and the general weirdness of "In Defense of Crack" is completely copyright Orin Drake 2006. Cosmotwitch is blamed for the entire Cloud + Reno + Zack = Crack ordeal... but I'm afraid that only I'm to blame for the rest of this one. *sigh* All characters contained within are owned (and sometimes "pwned") by Square-Enix. How I wish they could all be mine.

Background: I don't know where it came from, but... it just happened. A monster has been created.

In Defense of Crack
by Orin Drake

There was a loud shout and commotion from just around the bend in the hall. Upon realizing that it had come from exactly where he was going, Zack picked up his pace and ran.

The sight was a surprise, to say the least. There was Cloud, literally on top of some some lower-grade neanderthal amidst a crowd of onlookers. This was not a fun kink thing, Zack realized immediately--the two engaged in the bare-knuckle battle were clearly in it for less enjoyable reasons.

"Cloud! C'mon, stop it!" he started pulling the youth away, for once more out of the fear that Cloud would hurt someone else rather than himself. The look in the kid's eyes had been much more than murder.

"Let go!" the blond shouted, still kicking.

"Yeah." The little asshole he'd previously been trying to beat the crap out of taunted. "You let the little sissy fairy go and watch him get his gay all over me. Bet you'd like that, wouldn't ya?"

All things... stopped. Even Cloud stopped struggling. Something had... snapped.

No, wait. Zack had snapped. He very slowly, very daintily released his friend--though the younger boy was unable to move regardless of finally being free.

The wild-haired youth was equally wild-eyed at that point, slowly pushing up his sleeves. "Why you little shit..." he growled at the asshole.

For a moment, Cloud was stunned--right up until Zack had taken up where he'd left off, lunging toward the bastard with a fist drawn back. The blond didn't even pause and think about it; he let out another battle cry and leapt into the fray again.

It was at that point that a young redhead slowly sauntered up to see what all the noise was about. "Hey." He spoke up.

No one responded. No one even noticed. But he certainly recognized two of the participants, and what they were in the middle of.

"Hey!" Reno yelled, trying in his own special way to break things up.

The fighters stopped, staring at him in silence. --Well, almost in silence.

"Oh, look." The asshole continued to taunt, even with blood running down his chin. "It's Lil' Miss Wanna-Be Turk come to rescue his--"

Reno had never really bothered to wait until he knew what a fight was about before he joined in. Three against one seemed like damn good odds.
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